Car varnishing

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These pads and shoes then grab onto the metal rotors and drums in the wheel assemblies, effectively slowing or stopping the car. The emergency brake system usually applies the brakes to the rear wheels mechanically or electronically when you activate the hand brake or foot brake.Give us a call if you need free towing service. If you’re within a 20 mile radius from our auto repair shop and you get your car or truck repaired by us, we will come and tow your vehicle free of charge. Look no further because we are here to help you solve all your problems regarding your car’s overall performance and even your car’s look. Make your car appear dashing all the time and be sure that your car is getting the body work that it needs with our 1 stop shop.We are masters at restoring a vehicle to it’s original form after it’s been involved in an accident.Limra Automotive is recognised as the global market-leading supplier of abrasives into the car repair market. We can help enhance your entire vehicle repair process from panel preparation through to paint defect rectification using abrasive discs, sheets, belts, rolls and grinding wheels – everything you need to complete a quality automotive repair