Engine repair

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We specialize in rebuilding engines and blue printing them to factory specifications.  In the unlikely event that your engine needs a rebuild or you wish to infuse new lease of life we offer you rebuild expertise and attention to detail like no one else. Our engine rebuild procedures leave no lapse and take no short cuts.  And we do this at costs that are considerably lower than authorized dealerships. Are you trying to decide whether or not to get your engine rebuilt or buy a new car all together? Pricing out engine shops can be time consuming and expensive. Our ASE licensed technicians are properly trained to handle the most challenging engines out there. We’ve spent over 30 years working on many different engines.Have you encountered a body shop which just took your money but did not really bring any good value to your car? Are you looking for an auto body repair shop in Canada that can give you all the services that you need for your car? Look no further because we are here to help you solve all your problems regarding your car’s overall performance and even your car’s look.The Automotive division also has a range of products for attaching seals and exterior trim. Our technology for bonding gives you design freedom, reduces weight of mounted components and is an alternative to welding and mechanical fastening. This provides you higher quality and more cost-effective production. In addition to attachment, limraautomotive offers a wide range of exterior solutions from badging technologies, film products and weight saving materials.