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ASE license technician handle challenging, engine rebuilt together

Most cars use disc and drum brake assemblies in their brake systems. These days car are fitted with disc brakes on all four wheels; however, some cars (such as light commercial models) still use a drum brake assembly on the rear wheels. Are-you-trying to decide whether or not to get your engine rebuilt or buy a new car all together? Pricing out engine shops can be time consuming and expensive.Because our ASE licensed technicians are properly trained to handle the most challenging engines out there Trust car. Because we’ve spent over 30 years working on many different engines.

Car Specialties

Give us a call if you need free towing service. If you’re within a 20 mile radius from our-auto-repair shop and you get your car or truck repaired by us, we will come and tow your vehicle satisfied-services free of charge.

Honestly, it’s hard-to-create a list for you to read about all the services we offer. Each car is different, each accident causes different damage, there’s a rainbow of thousands of colors, and about that many creative minds to match; so our services evolve to fit each customer’s needs. If you want something done to your car, just ask us about it. It’s likely we’ve done it before or will-do-it-for the first time just for you!

We offered a Lease Touch Up service so your leased vehicle is in pristine-condition when you turn it in. There’s no way they’ll be able to charge you for scratches and dents that fall outside of “normal wear-and-tear,” because there won’t be any!And if you need a ride while your car is in our shop, we’ll arrange to get you where you need to be. We never want you to be inconvenienced while your precious-car is getting spruced up.

We’ll also become your insurance adjuster liaison when you have to file a claim. We have relationships with many adjusters and know just what they need to do their job well and ultimately get you satisfied monies that are your right. We know the ins and outs and will help you throughout the process.