Limra Automotive bodyshop use waterborne paint technology in their vehicle paint and auto body repair services. We guarantee a seamless paint color match for all makes and models.Here’s how it works.Bring your vehicle in to your chosen Limra Automotive repair shop. We’ll give you a free estimate that details all the paint services you require.The area is sanded to your satisfaction,surrounding area with masking tap

image22-1920x840Our auto body repair specialists will eliminate small dents and scratches to prepare for the best possible finish. Then we prep the surface of your vehicle so it holds your new paint job tightly and won’t crack or peel.

We then seal the vehicle over top of the old paint so it won’t interfere with your new vehicle paint job.Then we paint, using our waterborne paint technology, and gloss for a seamless color match.
To get a free quote, use our auto body shop.

Paintless dent repair (PDR) can remove minor dents and shallow dents from your vehicle body, without the need to repaint your car or truck. Of course, the paint surface or finish must be intact to be successful. Cracked or chip paint on damaged areas eliminates the ability to use Paintless Dent Repair and you may need to inquire about our traditional scratch and dent repair services.

Paintless dent repair is often a less expensive, less laborious alternative to traditional auto body and collision repairs. This industry-recognized auto repair process can also be used to increase the value of your vehicle for resale.

Be sure to cover any chrome or trim that might get sprayed. Mask far enough back from the damaged area to allow for overspray. If you mask right around the sanded spot, you’ll end up with a series of unsightly lines marking the edge of the newly painted area.